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The experimental set-up is only as small as a beverage can.

School Students Build their own Mini Satellites


Live event on April 5th, 2022: For the eighth time, students in Bremen will use a rocket to launch their selfmade mini satellites to an altitude of one kilometer. more

Combustion process of oxygen droplet in microgravity

Like Fire and Ice


Hydrogen and oxygen are the holy grail of rocket engines, but how do they burn? ZARM scientists used experiments in weightlessness to simplify the complex spray combustion process and found out that a layer of ice forms around...more

© University of Bremen; Previous approaches to the description of the molecular diameter
© University of Bremen; Mass flow in microchannels as a function of the scale range of the free molecular path length
© University of Bremen; Scale range of the average free molecular path length

More exact measurement of gas molecules


Scientists from the University of Bremen have developed a new method to determine the diameter of molecules in rarefied gasesmore

Integration of the fuel tank
Test pilot Oliver Seack (higher resolution available)

Cancelled: First lift off for students' aircraft


Cancellation: Ultralight aircraft ZODIAC CH601 XL will not take off from the airfield Rotenburg/Wümme on Saturday, 4th December 2021 at 12 o'clock for its official maiden flightmore

Interview situation with Dr. Katharina Brinkert

New field of research at ZARM


The new research group in the field of space exploration is investigating how oxygen and hydrogen can be produced in microgravity using sunlight.more

Participants of last year's DroPS observe the integration of their experiment capsule.

DroPS 7.0 - School students' experiments are starting into the next round!


The DroPS Brainstorming Workshop starts on 16 November 2021 - Join in now! more

Analog astronauts during an extravehicular activity in the Negev Desert; the Mars habitat. Source: AMADEE-20/ Florian Voggeneder

Uni Bremen involved in AMADEE-20 Mars Simulation


Not on Mars but at the simulated Mars mission in the Israeli Negev Desert, scientists of the Uni Bremen carried out two projects that focussed on the team performance of the crews and the design of airlocks for habitats.more

Team of the QUANTUS 2 project

Extremely long and incredibly cold


While researching the wave properties of atoms, one of the "theoretically" coldest places in the universe has been created for a few seconds at ZARM, University of Bremen. The temperature record near absolute zero cannot be...more

CanSats placed in a rocket, @ESERO Germany (CC BY 3.0 DE)
Start of a CanSat rocket, © Lars Naber, Auf Distanz (CC BY 3.0 DE)
Experiment to be installed into the CanSat case, @ESERO Germany (CC BY 3.0 DE)

Students experience all aspects of a space mission


CanSat Germany is once again inviting students to take part in the CanSat competition and build their own mini-satellite. TheCanSat has the dimensions of a standard beverage can. Launched by a rocket to an altitude of one...more

© AdobeStock / Tatiana Shepeleva | The international rollout of the 6G wireless communications standard will have a major impact on people’s lives. The University of Bremen is playing a key role in 6G development.

Open6GHub – University of Bremen Conducts Research on Next Generation Wireless Communication


Extremely fast, energy-efficient, fail-safe – and extremely complex: The German government is funding research on the next generation 6G wireless systems with up to 250 million euros. University of Bremen experts play a key role...more

The picture shows the experimentally measured against statistically modelled thermal conductivity for different materials. The data deviate from the statistical ideal line (black line), whereby the grey area marks a 10 percent deviation in each direction.

Are nanofluids as smart as we think?


ZARM paper in the Proceedings Royal Society A shows that the potential applications of nanofluids need to be tested on a broader and more detailed scale.more

Nobel Prize for Black Holes


Within the last four years the Nobel Prize was awarded to gravitational physics three times - a proof of the great impact of this field of research.more

Start of the NG-14 from Wallops Island, Virginia, USA.
Acrylic sample is being integrated in the SAFFIRE V module

Ready for ignition


Lift off for the Antares rocket on October 3, 2020. Also on board: an experiment on fire safety in human space flight designed by ZARM.more

All set for the free fall! School teams test their experiments at ZARM


On 29 May 2019, ZARM was occupied by school students. On occasion of the "DroPs" outreach project, three Bremen school teams "dropped" their own experiments in the drop tower - like real scientists. more

Vorbereitungen zum Start der MAIUS-1 Höhenforschungsrakete am Esrange Space Center im nordschwedischen Kiruna. Der erfolgreiche Flug erfolgte am 23. Januar 2017. 
Quelle: Thomas Schleuss

Bose-Einstein condensates created in space


The first creation of a Bose-Einstein condensate in space is reported this week in Nature. ZARM scientists were involved in the MAIUS-1 mission, a poineering sounding-rocket experiment in the field of fundamental physics.more