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In free fall - school teams develop their own drop tower experiments


Three school teams from the Gymnasius Vegesack, IGS Osterholz-Scharmbeck and the International School Bremen are preparing for their final spurt. more

ZARM FAB Team with all scientists and the team of Blue Origin at the „West Texas Launch Site“

"New Shepard" rocket proves experimental capability


Three German experiments were prepared by ZARM FAB for the flight and integrated into the rocketmore

Marc Avila's work honoured


Marc Avila receives Richard-von-Mises Award for his research on dynamical-system approaches to the turbulence problem. The ceremony took place at the Annual GAMM Meeting on 19 March 2018 in Munich.more

Senator Martin Günthner speaks with Roland Kanwicher
Space Slam
Herbert Münder speaks with Roland Kanwicher
Tra-Min Ho speaks with Roland Kanwicher

2018 brings great moments for Bremen


Space year starts with exhibition "Space Girls Space Women" / programme with more than 100 events and actionsmore

Lower energy costs: How can liquids be transported more smoothly?


Research team with the participation of ZARM develops and patents innovative method for turbulence-free transport of liquids through piping systemsmore

Living space for future moon or Mars missions


At the Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) at the University of Bremen, Christiane Heinicke conceives, designs and builds a habitat for use on the Moon or Mars.more

MICROSCOPE satellite, Copyright: CNES

Einstein still knows best


MICROSCOPE satellite mission proves with unmatched accuracy that the equivalence principle, a basic assumption of Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, is still valid. ONERA, OCA and ZARM scientists were the first to analyse...more

Students develop their own satellite mission


The application phase for the upcoming CanSat competition 2018 has started.more

Francis Everitt visits Space Master Students


Francis Everitt, former Principal Investigator of the Gravity Probe B mission, gives a lecture to the students of the Space Master at the University of Bremen.more

Artist's impression of the LISA "mother" spacecraft showing the two laser arms. Credit: AEI/MM/exozet

Tailwind for Bremen gravity research


Thanks to the awarding of this year's Nobel Prize in Physics to the discovery of gravitational waves, the working groups of Claus Lämmerzahl and Claus Braxmeier at ZARM will get new tailwind for their research.more

ZARM scientists Florian Meyer, Max Ruhe and Tim Schwenteck with their former classmate Patrick Bihn, member of the Bremer Tageszeitung board Jan Leßmann, Senator of Science, Health and Consumer Protection Prof. Dr. Eva Quante-Brandt and Weser Kurier's chief editor Moritz Döbler
Laudator Prof. Dr. Eva Quante-Brandt
Scientists explain their experiment to the audience

ZARM scientists win Weser-Kurier's newcomer prize MoreSpace


ZARM scientists Florian Meyer, Tim Schwenteck and Maximilian Ruhe won MoreSpace Award for their experiment UB-FIRE onb Monday, 23.10.2017.more

Christiane Schmullius, Chair of the IAF Scientific Program Committee, Marc Avila, Chair of the LOC 2018 and Martin Günthner, Bremen Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports receiving the IAC flag from the IAF President Jean-Yves LeGall and Michael Davis, Chair of the LOC 2017
Marc Avila signs the agreement with the 'International Astronautical Federation'.

Adelaide hands over to Bremen


At the end of the IAC 2017 in Australia the Bremen team receives the IAF flag as a symbol of the responsibility to host the next IAC 2018 in Bremen.more

3,2,1 Liftoff! Students start self-made satellites


For the fourth time, ten student groups from whole Germany will come to Bremen to start their own satellites in the German CanSat competition, from September 25 to 29, 2017.more

ZARM welcomes Heisenberg scholarship holder


PD Dr. Yan Jin has received the Heisenberg scholarship and is conducting research at the Center of Applied Space technology and Microgravity (ZARM) at the University of Bremen since 01 August 2017.more

European CanSat 2017 participants ©ESA
Students work on their satellites ©ESA
The Spanish team wins the European CanSat 2017 competition ©ESA
Launch of the rocket ©ESA

Spanish team wins European CanSat competition in Bremen


Schoolteams from all over Europe started self built satellitesmore

Naoki Okumura and his delegation in front of the ZARM building
Marc Avila welcomes JAXA Director Naoki Okumura

JAXA Director Naoki Okumura visits ZARM


On June 22nd, Naoki Okumura, President of the Japanese Space Agency JAXA, visited the Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) at the University of Bremen.more