Interview situation with Dr. Katharina Brinkert

New field of research at ZARM

Since October 2021, Dr. Katharina Brinkert complements the broad space expertise of ZARM at the University of Bremen in the field of space exploration. In her new research group "Photoelectrocatalysis for Terrestrial and Space Applications", she and her team are investigating how - with the help of sunlight - oxygen and hydrogen can be produced in microgravity, as well as fuels and other chemicals. Her research results are mainly applied in space missions, but her findings could also be used on Earth for more sustainable energy economy.
The working environment at ZARM is not new to the scientist born in Marienfeld, who has already used the Bremen drop tower for her research several times - so far for the University of Warwick in the UK. In this video, Katharina Brinkert reports on her experiments in weightlessness: youtu.be/5996JvxB-Ig