About ZARM

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The Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) is an institute of the faculty of Production Engineering at the University of Bremen. The institute was founded in September 1985 and focused initially on the investigation of flow phenomena under microgravity conditions and the development of space technology. Today ZARM is an internationally recognized research center with multidisciplinary expertise in fluid mechanics, space technology and space science. The research at ZARM covers experimental, theoretical and computational approaches to fundamental scientific questions, as well as the development of technology for space missions and microgravity experiments (for example on the International Space Station). ZARM employs more than 100 scientists, engineers and administrative staff and hosts many students from the faculty of Production Engineering, as well as from the Physical Sciences and Information Technology departments.

The main facility of ZARM is the Bremen Drop Tower. It offers the opportunity for short-term experiments under high-quality microgravity conditions and is the only laboratory of this kind in Europe. Due to the very successful operation by the ZARM Drop Tower Operation and Service Company (ZARM FAB) the demand for drop tower experiments has continuously increased. Nowadays the Bremen Drop Tower is usually booked out for one year in advance.

ZARM is strongly committed to support students at all levels and young scientists. For example, the non-profit association Friends of ZARM (Förderverein ZARM e.V.) provides awards for outstanding Bachelor and Master theses. In cooperation with the University of Bremen ZARM is also involved in several outreach programs for students. ZARM especially aims at increasing the percentage of girls interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) because women are currently underrepresented in these fields.