The promotion of science and technology to youth is key part of ZARM’s outreach programs. Today, natural sciences, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are crucial subjects in the education of pupils and ZARM is involved in several activities and initiatives to inspire children, teenagers and especially girls to develop an interest in those fields away from the classroom and with innovative approaches. For current programs and information on how to apply see below.

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A day at ZARM

Here you get the opportunity to accompany an engineer on a working day at ZARM through our interactive video (available only in german, sorry)!


The activities and facilities of ZARM will be introduced by means of an easily understandable presentation. Pupils and interns will do some hands-on experiments related to Gravitational Physics. This is followed by a tour through the main facility (integration hall and deceleration chamber of the Drop Tower). Every year ZARM reaches about 500 German pupils this way.more...


Pupils can get valuable insights into the range of tasks performed at an interdisciplinary research institute through a number of opportunities for internships. We introduce you to the diverse fields of space research as well as the laboratories and technical facilities here at ZARM. If you are interested in gaining work experience or going deeper into science please check out our internship programs. - This section is available in German only - more...

Outreach projects

  • LEGOMIND: THE MINIATURE-DROPTOWER (sponsored by the "ZARM Föderverein")

    The Miniature-Droptower is a further development of the program "Lego Mindstorm". It has a height of 1.6m and allows to conduct drop experiments on a small scale. The schoolchildren can get an experience about the structure and the operation mode of the Droptower. This way they can approach the meaning of "microgravity" and "absence of gravity". Recently this program was completed with position control experiments.

    Article "Fallturms kleiner Bruder" (in German) PDF,150KB
    With kind permission of the Weser Kurier and the author Gerrit Reichert.

  • DROPS - THE EXPERIMENT IN THE DROPTOWER (sponsored by the "ZARM Förderverein")

    The DroPS (Drop tower project for school students) programme was initiated by ZARM in 2014 and allows pupils from secondary schools to carry out scientific and technological experiments under microgravity in the ZARM drop tower. This is done in cooperation with the DLR_School_Lab and Hackerspace Bremen e.V.  The DroPS project has an important impact on the pupil`s assessment by the schools, especially in the STEM subjects. Once a year in autumn this programme opens a call for proposals. more...




    A CanSat is a "satellite" of the size of a soft drink can. This miniature-satellite is designed, constructed and programmed by high school students. The CanSat is then launched to an altitude of up to 1000 meters by a rocket. While descending back to earth with a parachute, the satellite carries out measurements and scientific experiments. 
    Ten teams from all over Germany compete against each other and have to present their results to the jury.
    ZARM supports the German CanSat competition as a partner. This includes the assessment of the competition-proposals and the provision of jury members during the CanSat launch campaign.
    More: http://www.cansat.de/home_en.html 

    During the summer 2017 ZARM hosted the European CanSat launch campaign! http://www.esa.int/Education/CanSat/Cansat_2017_location_and_selected_teams_announced


During the last years ZARM participated in the Girls Day of the University of Bremen. We offer an exciting presentation on the droptower, a visit of ZARMs integration hall and the possibility to speak with female researches at ZARM.

Details and registration: www.girlsday.uni-bremen.de




  • Girlsday
  • Weltrettertag (World Saviour Day)
  • Day of physics
  • Open campus
  • Summer academy
  • "Kinder-Uni" (childrens´university)