The promotion of science and technology to youth is key part of ZARM’s outreach programs. Today, natural sciences, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are crucial subjects in the education of pupils and ZARM is involved in several activities and initiatives to inspire children, teenagers and especially girls to develop an interest in those fields away from the classroom and with innovative approaches. Current programs and information on how to apply will be provided here soon.


Within the scope of a cooperation between ZARM and the DLR-schoollab we offer an exciting presentation on the droptower with a visit of ZARMs integration hall on the occasion of the girls day.

Details and registration: www.girlsday.uni-bremen.de

Pupils can get valuable insights into the range of tasks performed at an interdisciplinary research institute through a number of opportunities for internships. We introduce you to the diverse fields of space research as well as the laboratories and technical facilities here at ZARM. If you are interested in gaining work experience or going deeper into science please check out our internship programs. - This section is available in German only - more...