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Christiane Heinicke präsentiert ihr Labor Modul, eins von sechs weiteren, die folgen sollen.
Jan Wörner hielt eine Key Note zum Thema Exploration anlässlich der Präsentation der ersten Forschungsergebnisse von "MaMBA".

Workspace of the Future - on Mars


For two years, geophysicist Christiane Heinicke worked on developing a habitat for living and working outside the Earth. Now two science teams have tested the first mock-up: the laboratory module. more

Cyprien Verseux checking growth of cyanobacteria

Blue-green algae to become popular on Moon and Mars


Humboldt fellow Cyprien Vereux establishes the new Laboratory of Applied Space Microbiology (LASM) at ZARM in order to investigate the role of cyanobacteria for astronautic missionsmore

Benny Rievers from ZARM is part  of the 5GSatOpt project.

Satellite swarm to provide 5G mobile communications coverage


How can we make the latest generation of mobile communications ("5G") accessible across the globe? A Bremen project team from industry and science has now joined forces to bring a swarm of small satellites into space to...more

Source: ESERO Germany

School teams are launching towards space


At the finale of the 6th German CanSat competition, Bremen will once again be the place to be for young scientists from all over Germany. Their self-developed mini-satellites are to be presented to experts from the space...more

Blood is thicker than water - and it flows differently


An international team of physicists, engineers and physicians receives funding for investigating turbulences in blood. more

Benny Rievers and Holger Oelze receiving their INNOspace Master award. Source: DLR 
All participants of the INNOspace Master finale in Berlin. Source: DLR

INNOspace Masters second place goes to... ZARM


The concept for vibration-free thermal control on satellites has been awarded as an innovative idea for the future of space and receives a funding of 400.000 Euromore

The first "Space Master" graduate!


In the winter semester 2017/2018, the new master's program "Space Engineering" was launched. Now the first class of students is about to graduate and the very first of them is Léonard Buchaillot, 24 years old.more

Das ZARM-Team bei der Experimentdurchführung während des Parabelflugs. Quelle: Novespace/Nicolas Courtioux.
Detailansicht des Experimentaufbaus mit Strömungskanal, Messstrecke und Messröhrchen. Quelle: ZARM / Uni Bremen
Das ZARM-Team bei der Vorbereitung und Installation der Experimentbox in den Parabelflieger. Quelle: ZARM / Uni Bremen
Parabelflugpremiere für ZARM-Doktorand Kamal Bisht und ZARM-Student Marcel Bernauer. Quelle: ZARM / Uni Bremen

Liquid-gas separation - a big challenge in space


ZARM scientists performed experiment during DLR's 33rd parabolic flight campaign and successfully achieved a liquid-gas phase separation in microgravity by using porous media.more