The first "Space Master" graduate!

In the winter semester 2017/2018, the new master's program "Space Engineering" was launched. Now the first class of students is about to graduate and the very first of them is Léonard Buchaillot, 24 years old.

Anyone reading Leonard's CV will soon see that the international space engineering program was a lucky strike for him: Born and raised in France, a bachelor's degree in aerospace at Bremen University of Applied Sciences, bachelor thesis in Kyoto, Japan, a semester abroad in Alabama to work on a project for NASA, a working student at OHB and Bremen Airport, a master's degree at Bremen University and a master's thesis at JAXA in Japan on "Designing a hybrid propulsion system for the early development phase of a rocket".

He himself says: "I couldn't have imagined it better anywhere else. When you are part of the very first year of a degree program, there are always ambiguities and administrative hurdles. It's the same everywhere. But when I applied I had the feeling that it was the right thing for me and my future. This was confirmed in the course of my studies: the teachers came exclusively from the space sector".

When the Master's certificate was handed over by the Master's Examination Committee on 3 July 2018, Léonard was able to report from specific plans for his future. He will take up a position at the French space agency CNES for a position as Range & Flight Safety Engineer at the European rocket launch site in Kourou, French Guyana. His tasks there will be to ensure the safe commissioning of the rocket as well as the protection of the population and the environment before, during and after the launch of the rocket.


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