The Experiment...

  • should have a maximal size of 20 cm length, 20 cm width, and 30 cm height.
  • has an aluminum-base-structure with attachment possibilities which will be made available by us. You will keep it for the complete project time. It assures safe installations and a comfortable transport of the experiment.
  • can (but doesn't need to) be run on electrical power.
  • has an electrical interface which will be made available by us. (Computer with four I/O channels & battery )
  • must not contain a combustion experiment/fire or dangerous substances and no living creatures.
  • must contain liquids/powders/gases etc. safely.
  • must not use high voltage!

Practical tips & hints

  • The group consists of min. 3 to max. 5 school students.
  • Good time-& group-organization: The work will go on for a time period of 6 months.
  • Start early with the planning! You should begin in December with the works.