Large-Scale Centrifuge

The verification and validation of new aerospace components, structures, and aircraft subsystems are essential to ensure their suitability, reliability, and functional safety under extreme static loads. Full-scale tests show immediate results and are suitable to complement and substantiate the numerical analysis of new materials and design features. ZARM‘s test facility is Europe‘s largest centrifuge capable of testing and certifying aerospace structures and samples under hyper-gravity conditions. It has a diameter of 12.5 meters, can accelerate test items of up to 1.5 tons to a speed of 160 km/h and is also the only facility in Europe capable of exposing test objects to a hyper-gravity environment up to 30 times the Earth's gravity while they are fully operational.

Our test procedures are carried out in accordance with the following international test criteria:

  • RTCA DO 160
  • MIL-STD 810
  • ISO 2669

Technical Description:

  • centrifuge diameter: 12.5 m
  • centrifugal acceleration: up to 30 g
  • test item weight: up to 1.5 t
  • standard test volume: H100 x W100 x D100 cm
  • adapted test configuration volume: H260 x W180 x D120 cm

Other Features and Services:

  • items can be fully operated and monitored during testing
  • individual power supply configuration available: e.g. three phase current 380/220V or 115V/400Hz
  • individual configuration of signal lines
  • full video coverage of the test process