Raketenstart von REXUS 19 in Kiruna, Schweden.
Das UB-Fire Team während der Experimentvorbereitung für den REXUS 19 Raketenflug.

Students from Bremen conduct rocket experiment on fire safety in space


In the early morning of 18 march 2016, the successuful launch of REXUS 19 took place. Along with three other student experiments, the sounding rocket carried the scientific payload of the UB-Fire team from the University of...more

When the Balloon becomes a Cubesatellite


on the 8th of October at 19:56 Middle European Time (MET) the research balloon BEXUS 19 was launched to its nightflight at the swedish space centre ESRANGE in Kiruna. Only a few days later another balloon, BEXUS 18 shall...more

Students using Probe-Heads and Mini-Satellites for Research


Not only inside the REXUS-Rocket research is possible: Students used the research rocket REXUS 15, which has been started on 29th of May at 12 a.m. (MESZ) from the space-centre ESRANGE close to Kiruna in Sweden, to...more