Students using Probe-Heads and Mini-Satellites for Research

Not only inside the REXUS-Rocket research is possible: Students used the research rocket REXUS 15, which has been started on 29th of May at 12 a.m. (MESZ) from the space-centre ESRANGE close to Kiruna in Sweden, to eject probe-heads and mini satellites during the flight. A day earlier REXUS 16 has been started already successful with 4 other experiments on board. About 50 students from Germany, Sweden, UK, Belgium, Italy and Rumania researched about the atmosphere and space technologies.

8 teams designed, build and tested by themselves own experiments, which has now flown inside the 6 meter long single-stage REXUS-Rocket. About 10 Minutes is the overall flight time with 4 Experiment on board, where an altitude of 87 km was reached with the lighter REXUS 16 and 80 km with REXUS 15.

The German share of the REXUS15/16 experiment support is carried out by ZARM (Centre of applied space technology and microgravity). The flight campaigns are conducted in close cooperation with DLR-MORABA (Mobile Rocket Base), SSC and ESRANGE Space Centre. The bilateral programme is administrated by DLR-Space Agency and SNSB (Swedish National Space Board).