The need for low-noise flexible satellite thermal control systems (TCS) motivated the Center of Applied space technology and micro gravity (ZARM) at the university of Bremen and its SME partner ZARM Technik AG to develop a new TCS solution based on ferrohydrodynamics (FHD) more...




The project DEOS Aero deals with the computation of thermospheric density from satellite orbit and accelerometer data. Versatile topics in the field of satellite dynamics are addressed, especially satellite drag and radiative non-gravitational force modeling, as well as Precise Orbit Determination (POD). Several geodetic satellite missions are used for the investigation more...

CRC 1464 TerraQ B02

The CRC 1464 “Relativistic and Quantum-based Geodesy” is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

The first funding period of the SFB will extend from Jan 1, 2021 to Dec 31, 2024. In this period, TerraQ consists of 19 projects at 6  participating institutes.

The aim of TerraQ is to optimize the geodetic mass observation measurements from space and on ground.  TerraQ will advance the frontiers of  quantum measurements on ground, the metrology and modeling of space gravimetry as well as gravity modelling and its application more.


Open6GHub develops and demonstrates new technologies for information transmission in terrestrial and satellite-based 6G networks. The goal is a holistic 6G system that meets the requirements of users and society after 2030. The University of Bremen is responsible for the "Beyond Cellular" work package, which deals with the transition from the existing terrestrial mobile network to a three-dimensional mobile network more...


Funded by Stiftung der Bremer Wertpapierbörse, the project aims to inspire students to study the STEM subjects at the University of Bremen. Pupils from various Bremen secondary schools complete various tasks in small groups for half a year. Thematically appropriate to ZARM, all tasks are related to space and reflect the diversity of the institute with content ranging from the exploration of foreign celestial bodies to Rocket fuel research. While tinkering with their solutions, the students are professionally accompanied by ZARM and gain their first experience in scientific work more.