flat plate diffusion flame (FPDF)

research area: combustion

experiment title:

Flat Plate Diffusion Flame

experiment acronym: FPDF

funding agency: ESA

grant number: AO-98/99-001

performing organization:

Laboratoire de Combustion et de Détonique (LCD), ENSMA - Université de Poitiers, France

prime investigator: Prof. Dr. Pierre Joulain

experiment objective


The structure and the stability of a laminar diffusion flame established over a flat plate was studied in micro-gravity and for low Reynolds number. A two stages program was developed and tested during parabolic flights, drop tower and finally aboard a sounding rocket. Three different regimes were established either for gas-gas or gas-solid systems: two stable regimes for blue and yellow flames, a transition regime between the two and the extinction or non-propagating zone.

related publications

  • Pierre Joulain, Thomas Vietoris, and José Torero: Gas - Gas and Gas - Solid Laminar Flat Plate Diffusion Flame in Microgravity: Structure and Stability. Microgravity Sci. Technol. XIII/1 (2001)

experiment campaigns

experiment year: 2001
number of drops: 22

experiment year: 2000
number of drops: 16