spray and cloud combustion experiments (CPS)

research area: combustion

experiment title:

Combustion Properties of Partially Premixed Spray Systems in the Field of Droplet and Spay Cloud Combustion

experiment acronym: CPS

funding agency: ESA

grant number: AO-98/99-094

performing organization:

ZARM, Universität Bremen

prime investigator: Christian Eigenbrod

experiment objective


For many technical combustion applications like power stations, aircraft engines, or automobile direct injection engines the detailed knowledge of the ignition process of liquid fuel sprays is necessary. Therefore the self-ignition process of single fuel droplets as the basic element of a fuel spray has to be investigated, because complex physical and chemical models are applicable in this system.

related publications

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experimental setup

experiment campaigns

experiment year: 2009
number of drops: 57

experiment year: 2008
number of drops: 20

experiment year: 2007
number of drops: 35

experiment year: 2006
number of drops: 25

experiment year: 2002
number of drops: 22