Research Areas

We focus on the modeling, numerical simulation and theoretical treatment of engineering and natural flows. We are an interdisciplinary team covering topics in mechanical and aerospace engineering, as well as areas of emerging interest in physiology, geophysics and astrophysics:

  • Turbulent and transitional flows: theoretical investigations and turbulence control in pipes and channels. Turbulent mixing.
  • Natural and forced convection: heat transfer enhancement.
  • Magnetohydrodynamics: experiments of liquid metals and astrophysics (accretion disks).
  • Flows in porous media: wetting phenomena in heterogeneous porous media. 
  • Multiphase and particulate flows: micro-droplet manipulation, particle transport in channels, annular-core flows.
  • Mixing of miscible fluids: mixing enhancement of water ethanol mixtures and anti-solvent particle precipitation with application to pharmaceutical technology. 
  • Fluid-structure interaction: physiology (blood flows) and engines (turbochargers).
  • Optimization of fluid flow in technical applications