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©DLR, Thilo Kranz

Effects of droplet and droplet group interactions during autoignition will be investigated on a TEXUS Sounding Rocket Mission in cooperation between DLR and JAXA.

Inside two furnaces of slightly different temperature the effects of neighboring droplets on the autoignition will be examined during five subsequent experiments. The number of droplets and its relative position will be altered from experiment to experiment. Both, the cool-flame ignition as well as the hot ignition will be monitored by an intensified high-speed camera system. The Sounding Rocket flight is foreseen to happen in 2016.

The experiments a complimented by preparatory drop tower experiments as well as numerical simulations including full chemistry of the low- and high temperature reaction branch.

Partners of the experimental team are:

German Aerospace Center DLR, D
Masao Kikuchi, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA, J
Mitsuaki Tanabe, Hiroshi Nomura, Nihon University, J
Osamu Moriue, Kyushu University, J
Masato Mikami, Yamaguchi University, J
Christian Eigenbrod, Jakob Hauschildt, ZARM, D

The Project is supported by the German Aerospace Center, DLR