ignition of synthetic kerosene sprays

The autoignition behavior of BTL-kerosene sprays is experimentally investigated in the hot-windtunnel.

The hot-windtunnel allows to inject the fuel spray into a high-temperature, high-velocity air-stream and to observe the vaporization-, mixing- and ignition process of the spray.

The induction time to ignition is measured varying parameters such as:

  • air temperature
  • air velocity
  • air pressure
  • injection pressure
  • nozzle diameter
  • air/fuel ratio
  • initial fuel temperature

The data are compared to those from light heating oil and n-heptane.

The project is in close cooperation with the Bremen Company SAACKE GmbH

The related project is in the framework of the Bremen State Governmental program “Angewandte Umweltforschung” (Applied Environmental Research) supported by the Bremen State Senator for Environment, Building, Traffic and Europe and the European Community


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