space technologies

Structure of the professorship of space technology


Professorship for space technology

University of Bremen
Faculty 04

Prof. Dr. Claus Braxmaier

EADS Friedrichshafen -> Airbus Defense & Space Friedrichshafen

Science Programs & Missions

The group of space system design and technologies is involved in various space missions on multiple platforms focussing on the payload or space system design as well as technology readiness maturing. This includes systems engineering, interface definition, high-precison thermal and mechanical simulations as-well-as CAD modelling.more...

The department of System Enabling Technology (Assembly, Integration, Verification and Test) support and complements the realization of various space missions. We develop and validate experimentally selected key technologies in the wide field of optical metrology, which is indispensable for high precision measurements in space. more...

The department Experimental Gravitational Physics and Geodesy (EGPG) develops novel optical and micro-opto-mechanical technologies for space missions, such as the space gravitational wave observatory, LISA, and future space geodesy observatories beyond GRACE follow-on.more...