Outgassing Rate Testbed

The outgassing testbed allows to measure outgassing rates of assemblies of a size of 20 x 20 x 20 cm³ at a ambient pressure as low as 1E-09 mbar. The background outgassing rate of the chamber is < 1e-7 hPa l s-1@ 100 h. The chamber offers optical access ports, heating capabilities for probes up to 150°C and an residual gas analysis.

Leakage Rate Testbed

For the research of the leakage rate of the flange under the influence of static loads a testbed was developed for a measurement with an accuracy in the range of 1x10-12 mbar l s-1. The flange to be investigated, a force sensor and a linear motor are applied into a 826 mm x 826 mm vacuum chamber. A leak detector unit, a modular pumping station and a digital pressure display are attached outside the vacuum chamber. After closing and evacuating the chamber, it will be filled with helium gas that is represented as the trace gas. One main benefit of using helium is its nominal amount of about 5 ppm in the air whose value is very low for an easier detection of smallest leakages. With the current built-in motor a static load up to 1500 N can be exerted.