Can I visit the drop tower?

For the public there are several options how to visit the drop tower or to book the location on the top of the drop tower for an individual event.

A drop tower visit includes an introduction into the world of microgravity, the functionality of the drop and catapult system as well as an insight into the laboratory. 

ZARM offers visits that are tailor-made for school classes, international groups, experts groups and, of course, the general public - please find more information here.

The meeting room and the panorama lounge on the top of the tower can be booked for business meetings as well as for family events. 

At a height of about 140 meters our guests can enjoy a fascinating view of the national reserve "Blockland", the technology park and, of course, the Hanseatic City of Bremen. Since 2014 it is even possible to get married in the highest official wedding location in Bremen.