OpenFOAM®: the open source CFD toolbox

OpenFOAM is currently part of the numerical research concerning capillary channel flow(CCF). The numerical simulation provides a method for researching a wider range of parameters comparing to experiments. It is also used to provide boundary conditions or verify calculations within 1D modelling.

OpenFOAM® is an abbreviation for Open Field Operation and Manipulation. Within this Open Source CFD Toolbox it is possible to simulate anything from complex fluid flows involving chemical reactions, to turbulence and heat transfer. OpenFOAM is produced by OpenCFD Ltd and is freely available and open source, licensed under the GNU General Public Licence.

OpenFOAM® is structured as a flexible set of C++ modules building a multitude of solvers (simulation tools), utilities (pre- and post-processing tools) and libraries (customization tools). Mathematical framework of the solvers is based on finite volume numerics to solve systems of partial differential equations ascribed on any 3D structured and unstructured mesh of polyhedral cells. Each solver represents a possibility to simulate specific problems in engineering mechanics.


For further information see OpenFOAM homepage