Enabling Technologies

The group for enabling technologies is working on the development of cutting edge technologies. Current developments are mainly related to cold atom physics.

Here a strong expertise was generated in the field of ultra-high vacuum technologies and on alkali-metal sources. In addition compact and robust integrated optics and electronics for cold atom experiments are currently developed and tested.

Furthermore the group is working on the improvement of inter-spacecraft interferometry in cooperation with the university of Hanover in the framework of the SFB Terra-Q. The focus is on the characterisation and improvement of frequency references for the use in Space.

Development of enabling technologies for metrology and fundamental physics is a core descipline of the department of space technologies. The ongoing research is manifold. The group is working on optics, electronics, vacuum systems and many more for the use in space and on ground.

Alongside with the constant development of enabling technologies within the design and integration of space systems and payloads, there are dedicated technology development and fundamental research projects carried out in the space technologie department.


Dr.-Ing. Jens Grosse

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