StELIUM - Sloshing of magnEtic LIqUids in Microgravity (DropTES 2019)

research area: fluid dynamics

experiment title:

StELIUM - Sloshing of magnEtic LIqUids in Microgravity

experiment acronym: DropTES

funding agency:

United Nations / DLR / ZARM

grant number:

DropTES - Program

performing organization:

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

prime investigator:

Dr. Filippo Maggi

(Álvaro Romero Calvo, Antonio José García Salcedo, Francesco Garrone, Inés Rivoalen)

experiment objective


The sloshing of magnetic liquids in microgravity is an almost unexplored phenomenon that may have important applications in space. Magnetic fields can be employed to shift the sloshing natural frequencies and increase the damping ratios of a fluid system. Following the experiment performed at ESA Drop Your Thesis! 2017 by some team members, we propose to analyse the lateral sloshing of ferrofluids in microgravity. Our goals include collecting measurements of this mechanism, validate newly developed inviscid and CFD viscous sloshing models and prepare the path for the design of magnetic sloshing dampers and other liquid management devices in reduced gravity environments.

experiment campaigns

experiment year: 2019
number of catapult launches: 4