AI-generated picture shows a fire on a spacecraft.
The image shows an ignited acrylic glass sheet during a microgravity experiment in the Drop Tower Bremen (left: sideview; right: front view).

Increased fire risk during astronautic space missions

A recent study shows that fires on future space exploration missions could spread much faster than on the International Space Station.more

Sesha N. C. Govindan

Successful PhD Defense of Sesha Govindan

We congratulate on the completion of his PhD on "Investigation of interface stability during the filling of liquid into a tank under reduced gravity"more

Die Schulteams bringen ihre Experimentaufbauten in den Fallturm. Quelle: ZARM, Universität Bremen.
Das Team der ISB Bremen. Quelle: ZARM, Universität Bremen.
Das Experiment der Grundschule am Pulverberg. Quelle: ZARM, Universität Bremen.

Mini researchers in the drop tower

The DroPS school competition reached its grand finale on 17 June 2024. Three school teams tested their experiments in weightlessness.more

GRACE-FO Mission, Artistic Rendering (Copyright: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

New method for reconstructing satellite data

Researchers from ZARM and DLR have developed a new method for recovering faulty acceleration data from a satellite of the GRACE Follow-On mission.more