ZARM Wissenschaftler Dr. Benny Rievers, ZARM Institutsdirektor Prof. Dr. Marc Avila, Wissenschaftssenatorin Kathrin Moosdorf, Staatsrätin Irene Strebl, Rektorin der Universität Bremen, Prof. Dr. Jutta Günther und ZARM Chief Financial Officer Peter von Kampen (v.l.n.r.). Quelle: ZARM, Universität Bremen
Einblicke in die Fallröhre des Fallturm Bremen. Quelle: ZARM, Universität Bremen
Besichtigung des MaMBA Forschungsmoduls, konzipiert für den Einsatz auf dem Mars. Quelle: ZARM, Universität Bremen

Inaugural visit by Senator for Science Kathrin Moosdorf

It was a very inspiring visit by the Senator for Science together with her team to get to know ZARM, its unique laboratories and outstanding research - especially the projects in the field of... more

These Mission Patches will be available at OPEN ZARM!
Get the chance to step inside the drop tube of the Bremen Drop Tower!
PDF file of the layout plan for the tour of ZARM

OPEN ZARM: The Bremen Drop Tower opens its doors!

Join us on Sunday, 11 February 2024 between 11 am and 5 pm to see our laboratories and research in action. Big or small, there is something to discover for everyone. more

© Universität Bremen / Joris Wegner; Researchers at the University of Bremen are pursuing the goal of developing a paradigm of sustainability that focuses on resource scarcity: the Mars perspective. They have been invited by the DFG to submit a full proposal for their draft "The Martian Mindset: A Scarcity-Driven Engineering Paradigm".

Bremen Materials Science Team Clears First Hurdle on the Way to Excellence Funding

"The Martian Mindset" has been invited by the German Research Foundation (DFG) to submit a full proposal.more

Scientists and Drop Tower engineers involved in the 10,000th experiment celebrating the milestone.
ZARM-Team recovering the experiment capsule from the deceleration unit.

10,000th experiment in the Bremen Drop Tower

To celebrate this success, ZARM is hosting the OPEN ZARM - an open doors event on February 11, 2024. more