The Mayor is allowed to initiate an experiment in weightlessness
Christiane Heinicke invites the mayor into the mock-up of her Mars habitat

Mayor of Bremen visits ZARM

On Nov 23, 2022, ZARM Director Marc Avila had the honour to present the institute's space exploration research to the Mayor of Bremen Andreas Bovenschulte and introduce him to the initiative “Humans... more

School students prepairing their experiment in a drop capsule.

DroPS 8.0 - School student experiments are starting again!

Apply now for a real ZARM Drop Tower experiment! You can submit your application until 05 December 2022.more

Simulation of a paticle-loaded jet stream with low and high wall roughness.

The perfect jet spray and what it depends on

What happens inside a spray nozzle of a spray head during a long spraying process and why does the spray jet suddenly drip and spill? ZARM scientists publish their findings.more

Illustration of a photobioreactor as part of a biological life support system for a Mars habitat. (Copyright: Joris Wegner / ZARM, Universität Bremen)

A testbed for bioregenerative life support systems

Model habitat at ZARM enables long-term tests for life support systems to be used on Moon and Mars.more