Peregrine Falcons at the Drop Tower

Since the end of April, ZARM has had animal offspring again: a pair of peregrine falcons has moved into the nesting box of the drop tower and is raising two healthy offspring there. more

Visualization of the numerical simulation of a turbulent blood stream. Copyright: ZARM

More turbulant than expected

Uneven blood flow occurs more often than fluid dynamics theory suggests. An international research team has now proven this theoretically and experimentally. Among them was ZARM scientist Duo Xu. more

Information regarding COVID-19

The University of Bremen and thus ZARM are operating in emergency operation mode since 25 March 2020. more

Senator Dr. Claudia Schilling and ZARM Institute Director, Prof. Marc Avila, take a close look at a drop capsule. (copyright: SWH)

Senator Schilling visits ZARM: New GraviTower under construction

During her visit to ZARM, Senator of Science and Ports Claudia Schilling was introduced to the drop tower and the new GTB Pro - which is currently still under construction. more