Invited Speakers

  • Burrows, John P.
    Advancing Earth observation science to meet the needs of the anthropocene
  • Ciufolini, Ignazio
    Fundamental physics with the new space mission LARES 2
  • Dachwald, Bernd
    Setting Sails for Fundamental Physics Missions
  • Dittus, Hansjörg
    Quantum technologies in space
  • Everitt, Francis
    Space, Cryogenics & Fundamental Physics
  • Günther, Christoph
    Precise Synchronisation of MEO Satellites
  • Gürlebeck, Norman
    BOOST:A Frequency Comparison Experiment in Space
  • Guzman, Felipe (C. Braxmaier)
    New Technologies for Future Gravity Missions
  • Hackmann, Eva
    Testing General Relativity with clocks in space
  • Hehl, Friedrich
    Physical dimensions and units, universal constants and their relativistic invariance
  • Herrmann, Sven
    Test of the gravitational redshift with Galileo satellites 5+6
  • Jennrich, Oliver
    LISA and beyond
    Fundamental Physics @ ESA
  • Jordan, Stefan
    The astrometry satellite Gaia
  • Kopeikin, Sergei
    Covariant Equations of Motion of Extended Bodies with Mass and Spin Multipoles
  • Lämmerzahl, Claus
    Fundamental Physics on the ISS
  • Langenstein, Tom
    Gravity, Relativity, GP-B and GPS - One thing leads to another
  • Lisdat, Christian
    Transportable optical clocks
  • List, Meike
    Data analysis, orbit propagation, and the future of MICROSCOPE
  • Mehlstäubler, Tanja
    Atomic Clocks for Geodesy & Tests GR
  • Nobili, Anna M.
    High precisions tests of the equivalence principle in space have begun. Much higher precision is within reach.
  • Nolli, Raffaele (Birmingham)
    Space activities in the UK QT Hub in Sensors and Metrology
  • Sarah Paczkowski
    LISA Pathfinder
  • Philipp, Dennis
    The relativistic geoid
  • Rasel, Ernst Maria
    The Future Starts Now: Intererometry with Bose-Einstein Condensates on Ground and in Space
  • Rievers, Benny
    Orbit propagation and non-gravitational force modeling for fundamental physics missions
  • Rodgrigues, Manuel
    MICROSCOPE data analysis status
  • Roura, Albert
    Compensation of gravity gradients and rotations in precision atom interferometry
  • Ruffini, Remo
    Testing fundamental Physics in GRBs
  • Schäfer, Gerhard
    From fundamental problems in physics to fundamental physics in space
    The impact of the detected gravitational waves on fundamental physics
  • Scheithauer, Silvia
    James Webb Telescope
  • Shao, Lijing
    Complementary for testing gravity with space missions
  • Turychev, Slava
    Advanced Laser Ranging for high-precision navigation and science investigations in Fundamental Physics
    Direct Multipixel Imaging and Spectroscopy of an Exoplanet with a Mission to the Focus of the Solar Gravitational Lens
  • Ulbricht, Hendrik
    QT in Space activities in the UK
  • van der Ha, Jozef
    Thermal Radition Effects on Deep-Space Satellites
  • Walser, Reinhold
    Technical Optics with matter-waves
  • Wilms, Jörn
    Space missions for astronomy and astrophysics