Invited Speakers

  • Britzen, Silke (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, Bonn):
    A new view on M87: from jets to the central machine
  • Breton, Nora (CINESTAV-IPM, Mexico):
    On Rotating Regular Black Holes
  • Brügmann, Bernd (University of Jena):
    The general relativistic two-body problem of black holes
  • Cardoso, Vitor (Instituto Superior Técnico):
    Testing General Relativity with gravitational waves
  • Champion, David (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, Bonn):
    Searching for Binary Supermassive Black Holes
  • Curiel, Erik (LMU Munich):
    Black Holes Are True Thermodynamical Objects
  • Eckart, Andreas (University of Cologne):
    The Milky Way's Supermassive Black hole: How good a case is it? - A Challenge for Astrophysics & Philosophy of Science
  • Ellis, George (University of Cape Town, South Africa):
    Classical aspects of Black Holes
  • Falkenburg, Brigitte (University of Dortmund):
  • Giulini, Domenico (ZARM, Bremen, and LU Hannover):
    Initial value problems in Black Hole space-times
  • Guerlebeck, Norman (ZARM, University of Bremen):
    The Meissner effect for extremal black holes
  • Hackmann, Eva (ZARM, University of Bremen):
    Time in the vicinity of Black Holes
  • Hartmann, Stephan (LMU Munich):
    Dumb Holes and Bayesian Confirmation
  • Karas, Vladimir (Academy of Sciences, Prague):
    Mach, Meissner, and rotating black holes
  • Kiefer, Claus (University of Cologne):
    Black Holes in Quantum Gravity
  • Kunz, Jutta (University of Oldenburg):
    Black Holes in higher dimensions
  • Lämmerzahl, Claus (ZARM, University of Bremen):
    Pulsars as probes of Black Hole physics
  • Lehmkuhl, Dennis (CalTech):
    The interpretation of vacuum solutions to the Einstein field equations
  • Meinel, Reinhard (University of Jena):
    Regular solutions of the Einstein equations with parametric transition to black holes
  • Musco, Ilja (Observatoire de Paris/Meudon):
    Causal nature dynamics of trapping horizon in black hole collapse
  • Mueller, Olaf (University of Regensburg)
  • Mueller, Thomas (University of Stuttgart):
    How do Black Holes look like?
  • Perlick, Volker (ZARM, University of Bremen):
    Light effects near Black Holes
  • Renn, Jürgen (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin):
  • Rinne, Oliver (Albert Einstein Institute, Golm):
    How a black hole forms - the gravitational collapse
  • Rovelli, Carlo (Université Marseille, France):
    Physics and philosophy of Black Holes in Quantum Gravity
  • Stoeckler, Manfred (University of Bremen):
    The Theory/Experiment Interface of the Observation of Black Holes
  • Straub, Odele (Observatoire de Paris):
    How accretion discs shed light on black holes
  • Sudarsky, Daniel (UNAM, Mexico):
    Black hole information loss and the measurement problem in quantum theory
  • Thater, Sabine (AIP, Potsdam):
    The interplay between massive black holes and their host galaxies
  • Tsupko, Oleg Russian Academy of Science, Moscow):
    Influence of a plasma on the black hole shadow and other chromatic effects of gravitational lensing in presence of plasma
  • Wüthrich, Christian (Université Geneve, Switzerland):
    Scrutinizing Hawking’s original argument