• RX17/18

    Congratulations to all teams for a successful campaign!

APPLY NOW! REXUS/BEXUS CALL OPEN UNTIL 19th of October. Please find more Information here for students registered at a german university and here for students registered at other european universities.

Die Teams der vergangenen REXUS 17/18-Doppelkampagne. Quelle: ZARM

High-altitude flights for student experiments

The REXUS/BEXUS 2015 program is now open for proposals. For the 9th time, university students are...more

When the Balloon becomes a Cubesatellite

on the 8th of October at 19:56 Middle European Time (MET) the research balloon BEXUS 19 was...more

Students using Probe-Heads and Mini-Satellites for Research

Not only inside the REXUS-Rocket research is possible: Students used the research rocket REXUS 15,...more