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GAMM 2008

Aerospace Competence in Bremen

Drop Tower Bremen

Bremen is one of Europe's most important aerospace centres. The "Made in Bremen" label is attached to satellite systems, to essential parts of the Airbus production and of the Columbus module, as well as to Bremen's share in building "Ariane", the civilian European rocket. A total of 2,500 employees are working in space-related industries like EADS Space Transportation, OHB System AG and their suppliers. The Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP) at the University of Bremen is amongst the leading European research institutions in the field of ground-based and space-borne remote sensing of the atmosphere.
A very special kind of landmark points the way to Bremen's workshops of the future - the 146-metre high drop tower of the Bremen Centre for Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM). In this literally towering space laboratory experiments can be carried out under worldwide unique microgravity conditions. Experiment durations of 4.6 up to 9.4 seconds are unmatched by other drop towers and the quality of weightlessness cannot even be achieved in the natural weightlessness of outer space. Clients from all over the world use this earth-bound alternative available in Bremen - a seal of quality for science that is "Made in Bremen".

The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen

Bremen Town Musicians

Market Square

For further information download the official Bremen tourist guide here: EN
DE). Bremen is a trip through the centuries of the past. Every visitor realises very soon that the 1200-year-old Hanseatic City of Bremen is much more than just the home of the world-famous Town Musicians. In 2004 the Town Hall and the Roland statue were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will also encounter the city's history in the baroque and Renaissance backdrop of the Market Square, the patricians' houses, and the "Schütting", Bremen's historic Chamber of Commerce. All of them are emblems of Hanseatic republican consciousness - civic pride expressed in stone, bricks and mortar. This is a tradition people in Bremen are proud of.

"Schnoor" Quarter

To get an impression of the past and present, take a stroll along the historic lanes of the beautiful Schnoor Quarter, or the famous Böttchergasse with its arts and crafts shops and pause at one of the cafes along the way. The coffee you might enjoy there is probably roasted in the city. Bremen holds a variety of culinary delights: Coffee, tea, cocoa, beer and chocolate are roasted, brewed and refined here, as you can see, smell and taste.

Focke Museum

Neues Museum Weserburg

With its museums, galleries, concert halls and musical theatre Bremen is also a city of art and culture. For example, the Kunsthalle is one of the country's leading foundation museums, the Neues Museum Weserburg, holds Germany's largest collection of contemporary art. As a city with a significant trading history, Bremen's merchant traders donated a great amount of their collected treasures to the Übersee Museum Bremen. It is therefore one of the world's leading showcases of natural history, anthropology and trade history.

Bremen at Night


Bremen is also a green city with a distinctive waterfront along the river Weser. The city invites you to enjoy your leisure time in its beautiful parks and gardens or in one of the restaurants and beer gardens at the riverbank. If you try a Beck's beer you are most likely not more than two miles away from the Beck's brewery. You are also welcome to combine sightseeing and recreation with a shopping tour through the exquisite boutiques, shopping centres and historic squares in the city centre.

Weser Riverbanks

The Bremen flag has its origin in the middle ages. The red and white stripes symbolise the liberty of the citizens of Bremen. It is told that the American flag is modeled on this flag.

The Bremen Flag