Planet / Space Simulation Chamber

Till Frieler

The Space Simulation Chamber at ZARM is a multi-purpose vacuum facility. Main components of the facility are the double walled vacuum chamber itself, a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) terminal connected to a personal computer as well as to a second control box and a pumping unit containing different types of vacuum pumps to generate vacuum conditions.

The tubular formed chambers dimensions are 1,9 m in diameter by 2,8 m in height with a total volume of approximately 8 m³. To replace or modify experimental setups within the chamber the closure head can be lifted.

The pumping unit consists of two Leybold rotary pumps (D16B and D65B), an Leybold WAU501 roots pump and two Leybold turbo molecular pumps (TURBOVAC 361 and TURBOVAC 1000). The pumping unit is connected to the vacuum chamber through a variety of corrugated tubes, valves and pressure sensors, which are, together with the pumps, controlled by the PLC terminal. Pressures below 10-² Pa can be reached within the camber.

With the personal computer pressure values and other important parameters from the PLC terminal can be supervised and stored, as well as changes on the program code for the PLC can be made.