Dennis Stock

ZARM, University of Bremen
Am Fallturm 2
28359 Bremen

+49 421 218-57876


Research interests

  • Inhomogeneous cosmology
  • Averaging & fitting problem in cosmology
  • Quasi-local energies in general relativity
  • Asymptotic safety scenario of quantum gravity & quantum black holes

Academic education

  • Since 2017: PhD student in the group of D. Giulini, ZARM Uni Bremen. Member of the Research Training Group "Models of Gravity"
  • 2015-2016: Master of Advanced Studies in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (Part III), University of Cambridge (UK) and St. Edmund's College Cambridge
  • 2014-2017: Master of Science, University of Heidelberg, supervised by J. M. Pawlowski, "Quantum-improved Schwarzschild-AdS and Kerr-AdS spacetimes"
  • 2011-2014: Bachelor of Science, University of Heidelberg, supervised by M. Bartelmann, "Reconstruction of the gravitational potential in galaxy clusters via galaxy kinematics"


  • Dennis Stock, Sven Meyer, Eleonora Sarli, Matthias Bartelmann, Italo Balestra, Claudio Grillo, Anton Koekemoer, Amata Mercurio, Mario Nonino and Piero Rosati:
    The projected gravitational potential of the galaxy cluster MACS J1206 derived from galaxy kinematics,
    Astron. Astrophys. 584 A63 2015 [doi] [www]
  • Jan M. Pawlowski and Dennis Stock:
    Quantum-improved Schwarzschild-(A)dS and Kerr-(A)dS spacetimes,
    Physical Review D 98 (106008), 2018 [doi] [www]
  • Dennis Stock:
    The Hawking energy on the past lightcone in cosmology,
    Classical and Quantum Gravity 37 (21), 2020 [doi] [www]
  • Dennis Stock:
    Applications of the Hawking Energy in Inhomogeneous Cosmology,
    ArXiv-version, prepared for submission [www]


Professor Dr. rer. nat. Domenico Giulini

Phone: +49 421 218-57833

Email: domenico.giulini