experiments on combustion properties of materials (CPM)

research area: materials sciences

experiment title:

Combustion Properties of Materials for Space Applications

experiment acronym: CPM

funding agency: ESA

grant number: AO-98/99-085

performing organization:

ZARM, Universität Bremen /

Laboratoire de Combustion et de Détonique (LCD), ENSMA - Université de Poitiers, France

prime investigator: Christian Eigenbrod / Prof. Dr. Pierre Joulain

experiment objective


A dominant feature of fire propagation in microgravity is radiative heat transfer. This mode of heat transfer is mainly dependent on the local soot concentrations. Thus, the quantification of local soot concentrations in microgravity diffusion flames is of great importance for fire safety of spacecraft.

related publications

  • A. Fuentes, G. Legros, H. El-Rabii, J.-P. Vantelon, P. Joulain, J. L. Torero: Laser-induced incandescence calibration in a three-dimensional laminar diffusion flame. Exp Fluids 43, 939–948 (2007)

  • M. Reimert, C. Eigenbrod: Measurements of Oxygen Depletion of a Laminar Diffusion Flame Over PMMA in Microgravity Using Wavelength Modulation Laser Absorption Spectroscopy. Proc. J. Jpn. Soc. Microgravity Appl. 25, 357-360 (2008)

experiment campaigns

experiment year: 2008
number of drops: 3

experiment year: 2006
number of drops: 20

experiment year: 2005
number of drops: 7

experiment year: 2004
number of drops: 10

experiment year: 2003
number of drops: 12

experiment year: 2002
number of drops: 17