cryogenig fluid management / kryogene fluidhandhabung: propellant management device (CFM / KFH PMD)

research area: fluid dynamics

experiment title:

Cryogenig Fluid Management: Propellant Management Device (50RL0921)

Kryogene Fluidhandhabung: Propellant Management Device (50RL1320)

experiment acronym: CFM / KFH PMD

funding agency: DLR

grant number: 50RL0921 (2009 - 2013) / 50RL1320

performing organization:

ZARM, Universität Bremen

prime investigator: Prof. Dr. Michael Dreyer

experiment objective


In future cryogenic upper stages the ability of multiple starts of the engine is required [1, 2]. Centrifugal forces caused by the spinning of the stage could drive the liquid propellant away from the outlet of a Propellant Management Device (PMD) resulting in malfunction of the system [3]. A simplified model of the PMD is studied which includes two parallel disks segmented with radially mounted baffles and a central tube. The stability of the menisci between the disks under the influence of the central tube meniscus are examined with Surface Evolver simulations and drop tower experiments.

related publications

  • [1] Behruzi, P., and Netter, G., Development of a Propellant Management Device (PMD) for Restartable Future Cryogenic Upper Stages, AIAA-2006-5053, pp. 1-10 (2006)
  • [2] Behruzi, P., Dodd, C., and Netter, G., Future Propellant Management Device Concepts for Restartable Future Cryogenic Upper Stages, AIAA-2007-5498, pp. 1-10 (2007)
  • [3] Reichel, Y., and Dreyer, M.E., Analysis of Critical Disturbances for Propellant Management Devices in Future Cryogenic Upper Stage, AIAA 2011-6063, pp.1-16 (2011)

experiment campaigns


experiment year: 2013
number of drops: 65


experiment year: 2012
number of drops: 37