You are planning an experiment at the drop tower?

The ZARM Drop Tower Operations and Service Company will support you in all phases of experiment preparation and make sure that you will receive the relevant data of your research project as soon as possible. 

An experienced team of engineers will take of you and your experiment – as for example the analysis of the first ideas and potential funding, the production of special components and the integration of the experiment capsule up to the validation of the scientific results. 

ZARM will 

  • guide the development, project management and funding of your experiment
  • support the production of technical drawings and experiment components
  • provide technical equipment (high-speed cameras and lenses, sensors, laser systems, lighting, etc.)
  • implement mechanical and electronic set up
  • programming of the experiment sequence (automation)
  • test the experiment set up before the drop or catapult sequence
  • carry out the experiment
  • provide the scientific data after every experiment

In order to make the most of your stay at ZARM, we offer the possibility to rent an apartment on the premises or support you in booking accommodation in a nearby hotel.


Dr.-Ing. Thorben Könemann

Phone: +49 421 218-57785

Email: thorben.koenemann