Students develop their own satellite mission

The application phase for the upcoming CanSat competition 2018 has started.more

Francis Everitt visits Space Master Students

Francis Everitt, former Principal Investigator of the Gravity Probe B mission, gives a lecture to the students of the Space Master at the University of Bremen.more

Artist's impression of the LISA "mother" spacecraft showing the two laser arms. Credit: AEI/MM/exozet

Tailwind for Bremen gravity research

Thanks to the awarding of this year's Nobel Prize in Physics to the discovery of gravitational waves, the working groups of Claus Lämmerzahl and Claus Braxmeier at ZARM will get new tailwind for... more

ZARM scientists Florian Meyer, Max Ruhe and Tim Schwenteck with their former classmate Patrick Bihn, member of the Bremer Tageszeitung board Jan Leßmann, Senator of Science, Health and Consumer Protection Prof. Dr. Eva Quante-Brandt and Weser Kurier's chief editor Moritz Döbler
Laudator Prof. Dr. Eva Quante-Brandt
Scientists explain their experiment to the audience

ZARM scientists win Weser-Kurier's newcomer prize MoreSpace

ZARM scientists Florian Meyer, Tim Schwenteck and Maximilian Ruhe won MoreSpace Award for their experiment UB-FIRE onb Monday, 23.10.2017.more