A Propellant Management Device (PMD) is used to ensure vapor-free supply of propellant for the engine. For the new Araine V upper stage two types of PMD's are analized. Here the one for the LOX tank is described.

The reservoir is of a trap design with a Cassini-shaped shell element and two internal cones for stabilizing the propellant in the different flight phases. The top hole is used for gas venting from the PMD into the tank. The central screen in the lower compartment of the PMD shall prevent gas ingestion into the outlet pipe.


The LOX-PMD is refillable in case of different accelerations. The liquid propellant is kept in the reservoir independent of spin. In order to enable a proper functioning, the LOX-PMD has to fill swiftly and independent of different accelerations. Moreover, it has to keep a sufficient mass of liquid propellant to supply the thrusters for the different manoeuvres.

The functionality of this PMD will be demonstrated at the ZARM in the following three years. Different flight scenarios will be analyzed: While the driven phases will be determined under terrestrial conditions, the ballistic phases will be represented by tests performed in the drop tower.