bubble jet impingement in microgravity conditions (BubJet)

research area: fluid dynamics

experiment title:

Bubble Jet Impingement in Microgravity Conditions (BubJet)

experiment acronym: DYT

funding agency:

ESA (Education) / ZARM

grant number:

Drop Your Thesis! - Program

performing organization:

Applied Physics Department, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

prime investigator:

Prof. Dr. Ricard González-Cinca

(Anna Garcia, Oscar Maldonado, Francesc Suñol)

experiment objective


The main purpose of this project is to study the interactions between two bubble jets in microgravity. The designed experimental setup is based on an injection device that can control bubble generation frequency, size and velocity, injection angle and separation between jets. We have obtained numerous on ground results on both individual as well as collective behavior of bubbles. In order to get insight into the role played by gravity on bubble jet structure, the obtained results can be compared with zero-gravity experiments. In particular, coalescence of bubbles and jet structure in microgravity can be studied at different velocity regimes inside two overlapping jets with different separation between nozzles. In the current project, we maintained a constant impact angle, φ=0º (i.e. frontal collision), and we focused on the study of the effects of different separation between nozzles and different flow rates on the final structure of the resulting jets.

related publications

  • Bubble Jet Impingement in Microgravity Conditions (BubJet), Drop Your Thesis! 2010 - Final Report. ESA Human Spaceflight and Exploration, Erasmus Experiment Archive

experiment campaigns

experiment year: 2010
number of drops: 5