Workshop Goal:

Define the optimal way for performing large-mass matterwave interferometry in microgravity (droptower), especially for testing technology towards a furture space mission.

This goal is a WG3 [proof-of-principle experiments] goal of the COST action.


Ever since the discovery of quantum mechanics at the beginning of the last century, it has been a fascinating and active field of research. With the ongoing developments on ground, in microgravity, and in space, it seems pivotal to increase the sharing of knowledge and to join forces in advancing and combining available technologies in experimental quantum mechanics.

This workshop, on large-mass quantum interferometry in microgravity, will bring together experts in the fields of matter wave interferometry, levitated optomechanics, and microgravity research to explore prove of principle and technology testing capabilities for future quantum technologies in space based on large-mass matter wave interferometry. Therefore the workshop aligns perfectly with the agenda of WG2&3 of the COST action QTSpace.

Synergies between the disciplines will be exploited, since future quantum interferometry of macroscopic particles requires the combination of techniques and knowledge from all of the named fields. In a structured way, the proposed workshop will present the opportunity to identify required technologies for future experiments and define the strategy in experimental matter wave interferometry for the years to come.