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The bended spacetime around a neutron star shows universal geometric features, similar to the monoliths from the novel "2001: A Space Odyssey." Illustration by Louis (Iwa) Le Brun.

Neutron Stars Help to Test Gravitation Theories

The latest ZARM publication on the geometry of spacetime may become a powerful future tool for observations of neutron stars and tests of gravitation theories.more

Das Studierendenteam der Julius-Maximillians-Universität Würzburg bei der Vorbereitung des HORizon ACquisition Experiment (HORACE) im ZARM

Students Build Rockets in the Drop Tower

Four Student teams from Belgium, Scotland, Sweden and Romania are preparing their rocket experiments in the Drop Tower Bremen.more

Beide Bilder zeigen einen CanSat in der Konstruktionsphase; Quelle: Karin R. Remeikis

First German CanSat Contest

For the first time pupils from German schools will have the opportunity to develop their own mini-satellite and send it into space. Find the German press release here.more

ZARM scientists Dr. rer. nat. Meike List and Dr.-Ing. Benny Rievers

two medals for ZARM scientists

ZARM scientists Dr. rer. nat. Meike List and Dr.-Ing. Benny Rievers receive Werner-von-Siemens Medal for young scientists. The foundation honors their outstanding interdisciplinary research work and... more